Aspen Winds and Rachel Hedman performed "Peter and the Wolf and other Story Music" at Timpanogos Elementary in Provo UT in October of 2012.

This pirate-themed assembly showcases the strengths and limits of each instrument through a variety of engaging chamber music competitions. Performance given January, 2014 in Gunnison UT.

Elementary School Assemblies

"Peter and the Wolf"                                                                           40 minutes

  • A fun musical introduction of familiar tunes
  • Age appropriate instrument introduction
  • "Peter and the Wolf" by Prokofiev performed and narrated in costume by Aspen Winds

Survivor! Outwit - Outplay - Outlast.  A Musical Game Show 30-40 minutes

  • Age appropriate instrument introductions
  • Fast paced game show styled competition among the players
  • Audience voting to determine the outcome of the show
  • Children are able to "create" their own show with a variety of chamber music ensembles, learning the difference between a quintet and a trio
  • Familiar tunes as well as introductions into the classical chamber music repertoire

These story music shows are for the Aspen Winds woodwind quintet and professional storyteller, Rachel Hedman

Pre K - 3rd Grade

"The Ugly Duckling and Other Story Music"                                 45 minutes

  • Each woodwind instrument is featured as one of the "Five Frogs"
  • Rachel Hedman tells enchanting frog stories
  • Aspen Winds and Rachel Hedman join music, narration and costume to present Hans Christian Andersen "The Ugly Duckling"
  • Short songs for short attention spans
  • Animated stories and interaction engaging the children in familiar tunes as well as classical works

1st - 6th Grade

"Peter and the Wolf and Other Story Music"                                60 minutes

  • Mixture of classical music and familiar fairy tales with "Mother Goose Suite" by Ravel
  • Instrument introduction with theme association
  • Classical music, costume and narration combine to tell the classic "Peter and the Wolf" by Prokofiev
  • Audience interaction with their very own part in the music
  • Option of other story music features such as "Ferdinand the Bull" or "The Moon Princess"