Educational Outreach

Aspen Winds is excited and honored to start our fifth season of school concerts with NOVA, and our third year with ARTS, Inc. performing throughout Utah and the Wasatch Front in Salt Lake. We connect with elementary and junior-high aged students, providing them with live performances, question and answer sessions, and insight into the power and beauty involved with making music.

educational outreach Themes for 2019/2020

American Mosaic” is a 30-40 min musical voyage of foot-tapping music and engaging stories of people from all over the Americas. These pieces by Latino, Native American, and African American composers will create a stronger connection to the people who also share this great land of America.

“SPACE!” is a 30-40 min musical space adventure that uses descriptive music and fun facts to introduce students to the connection between music and the solar system. Additionally, Aspen Winds are also available for workshops on technique and ensemble playing for any size music program.


The NOVA Music Project

The NOVA Music Project creates a unique and engaging approach to collaboration, exploration, expression, and teamwork through the enjoyment of chamber music. Engaging workshops on technique and ensemble playing are also available for any size music program. For more information or to schedule a NOVA MUSIC PROJECT concert, Go to Or Contact

Arts,Inc traveling Artists

Aspen Winds is excited to partner with ARTS,INC in a new endeavor; to extend our Outreach Concerts to under-served communities throughout the entire state of Utah! Plans are being made to send Aspen Winds on Educational tours to junior high and high schools throughout Central/Southern Utah. If your school would like to be included in this tour, please contact Natasha at ARTS, INC at (801)328-3883. Or go to


Schedule a NOVA music project or ARTS, Inc. Educational event at your school!

Interested in presenting a lesson in team-building and cooperation? The NOVA MUSIC PROJECT and ARTS, Inc. seeks to inspire and educate students through the highest quality live performances of engaging chamber music.

For NOVA : Go to Or Contact for more information and scheduling

For ARTS,Inc.: Please Contact A.R.T.S., Inc. Office (801.328.3883) or go to for more information and scheduling.



This video clip highlights educational activities that preceded the Mighty 5 Tour concerts. The Mighty 5 Tour was an incredibly rewarding experience for Aspen Winds, the Utah Symphony musicians and staff. We are so thankful that we were able to spend time in the beautiful landscapes of the communities and national parks in southern Utah.

Arts Day on the Hill. Aspen Winds joined with other artists in the Capitol Building to show Utah's Legislature why the Arts matter.