Learning From "Bad" Performances

"Competitions are for horses, not artists" - Bela Bartok

What happens when you don’t do well in a performance or competition? We’ve all been there. You prepare, dream, get excited and feel ready — but BAM! You don’t get a 1 or make it to the next round of competition. What does that mean? Are you a terrible performer? Did you look at them funny? Did they hate your sound? Should you quit performing? Are you an embarrassment to society?

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Utah Symphony Audition

First off, lets define a Symphony Audition for those less music savvy readers out there. It is the equivalent of a job interview for a classically trained, professional musician. It is for a salary position with a major symphony orchestra, which for an oboe player there are 3 spots per orchestra. So when someone chooses to get a college degree in music performance, this is one of the career paths they could choose to attempt. However, notice I used the word "attempt". It is one of the hardest jobs on the market to acquire. IF you get good enough to even audition for the position, you are competing against 80 other oboists who are just as good as you for the ONE chair.

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